Curation – not exclusive to museums

Over the last month or so I have heard the term ‘curation’, a word that until very recently I associated exclusively with museums and exhibitions, many more times than I can remember. According to online journalism specialist Paul Bradshaw, using the term curation in journalism may be rather recent, but examples of its application to journalism are not:

Curation is a relatively new term in journalism, but the practice is as old as journalism itself. Every act of journalism is an act of curation: think of how a news report or feature selects and combines elements from a range of sources (first hand sources, background facts, first or second hand colour).

The full article titled ‘Journalism *is* curation’ here.

There are many different types of curation that journalists, especially in the age of social media, find themselves doing – perhaps even without really thinking of it as curation.

Bradshaw’s article goes into some depth about how he views curation in the digital age, as well as listing some tools for curation. He describes Storify as “the ultimate curation tool” and it really is.

Storify allows anyone to quickly collect media from across the web and put it together in the form of a story, adding a narrative or explanatory text in between. This is great because it can be used in a variety of ways, whether to show coverage of a particular event, perhaps to highlight an online discussion on a contentious issue, or simply just to bring together some very wacky online comments – no shortage of them on Twitter that’s for sure. Furthermore, the ability to add text in between is crucial in the journalist’s attempt to add his own input into the process of curation.

Now, with the risk of this blog turning into the diary of a desperate Football Manager obsessive coming right after this post, I admit to  following last week’s launch of the new version of the game – which I have resisted temptation and decided against ordering due to its heavily addictive nature – closely and paid attention to what people have been saying about it on Twitter.

I decided to curate a pick of the more entertaining findings on Storify. Click the photo below to go to the link.

I promise this will be the last Football Manager related post (for a while at least).

Storify curation - reaction to FM 14

An attempt at Curation – Storify of twitter reaction to the launch of FM14

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